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Cell phone plans perfect for younger kids getting their first phone. They are affordable plans, often easier to manage with an online account dashboard, and great for always being able to stay in touch with your children.

Our Recommendations for The Best Cell Phone Plans for Children

Getting your child a cell phone plan is important. It allows your son or daughter to stay in touch with you. They can call you or send you a quick text message whenever they need to. Cell phone plans with data can also help you know where your child is located, so you can feel safe and confident.

You also don't want to add another cell phone line to your existing plan to be too expensive. Ideally, you can get an affordable plan that meets your child's communication needs.

That's why our recommended cell phone plans for children start at just $7 per month. Here are our top picks:

Best Budget Plan: Tello's $7 Plan

Tello's $7 plan is a great option for children. It includes 100 minutes, unlimited texts, and 1GB of LTE data. This is plenty of minutes, texts, and data to stay in touch with friends or family members.

What we love about Tello is they now support family plans. You can easily add your child's new line to your account for easy management.

Tello also provides flexible and affordable plans. If you find your child needs more minutes or data, you can easily upgrade their plan for a low cost. You can get 2GB for $14 or 4GB for $16, for example.

Tello uses the Sprint network for coverage. Once the Sprint-T-Mobile merger is complete, Tello customers will be able to access T-Mobile's network too.

Best Value Plan: Mint Mobile's $15 3GB Plan

Mint Mobile offers one of the best value cell phone plans currently available. You can get unlimited minutes, texts, and data for just $15 per month. The 3GB of included cellular data is plenty for Google Maps navigation, social media, or web browsing. Having unlimited talk & text is nice too. Your child will never need to worry about running out of minutes when trying to call mom or dad.

We love Mint because they offer a full-featured service. Their plans include visual voicemail, MMS, Wi-Fi calling, VoLTE, and even 5G access on T-Mobile's 5G network.

Mint Mobile sells their plans in bulk to achieve such affordable prices. You choose to sign up for either a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month plan. The longer you sign up for, the more you save on your cell phone bill.

New customers can get the 3-month 3GB plan for the discounted $15 per month price. Each line on Mint Mobile will need its own separate account.

Best Coverage Plan: US Mobile's $10 500MB Plan

US Mobile is great for children because their plans are completely customizable. You can choose exactly how many minutes, texts, or data your child needs. You can even choose to not get cellular data. US Mobile's unlimited talk & text plan is also just $10 per month.

What we love about US Mobile is that their Super LTE network uses Verizon for coverage. Verizon offers one of the best networks across the United States. You can feel confident knowing your child will have service in more places.

Like with Tello, US Mobile allows you to have multiple lines on one account. You can even give each line its own name. This makes it easy for managing a family of cell phone plans under one account. And if your child ever needs more data, they can easily upgrade to US Mobile's $40 unlimited data plan.

Best Unlimited Plan: Visible's $40 Unlimited Plan

If you never want to worry or even think about how much cellular data your child needs, Visible may be for you. Visible offers a truly unlimited data plan for just $40 flat per month. (Yes, Visible includes all taxes and fees in the cost of their plan).

What makes Visible especially great is their Party Pay group discount. Your child can join a Visible Party to reduce the cost of the unlimited plan to just $25 per month. It's safe for your child to join a Visible Party because each line in a Visible Party is handled as a separate account. Watch our video on Party Pay to learn more about how this group discount works.

Visible uses the Verizon network for coverage. Considering Visible offers unlimited data for just $25 per month, they are a great option for not only your child but for you, too!

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