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Affordable cell phone plans for seniors.

Best Cell Phone Plans

for Seniors

Cell phone plans perfect for grandparents to stay in touch with their children and grandchildren. Many of these plans include better customer support too.

Our Top Picks for Senior Cell Phone Plans

Seniors are looking for great plans at affordable prices. They want to stay in touch with their children, grandchildren, and long-time friends, but they don't want something that's too expensive.

Our favorite cell phone plans for seniors come from TelloUS MobileMint Mobile, and Ting.

Cheapest Plan: Tello's $10 1GB Plan

We love Tello's $10 plan because it is one of the most affordable options. It includes unlimited minutes and texts along with 1GB of LTE data. Having unlimited talk & text is great for seniors because they will never need to worry about how long they spend on the phone or how many messages they send.

Seniors will also find the 1GB of LTE data is enough for Google Maps navigation, reading articles online, and light social media usage.

Tello uses the Sprint network for coverage. Tello will soon gain access to the T-Mobile network for coverage too because of the recent Sprint-T-Mobile merger.

Tello's plans are also customizable. If you need more data, you can upgrade to 4GB for just $19 per month, or even go up to 8GB for $26 per month.

Best Value Plan: Mint Mobile's $15 3GB Plan

Mint Mobile is a great option for seniors too. Their $15 3GB plan is one of the best value plans available. 3GB of LTE data per month is plenty for light to average users. It is enough for reading news articles, using Google Maps for directions, and even social media usage. This plan includes unlimited minutes and texts too. It's a great option to stay in touch with friends and family.

Mint is able to offer such affordable plans by providing their plans in bulk. When you sign up, you choose to sign up for either a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month plan. We think this is great for seniors because they don't need to worry about their cell phone bill for an entire year! It's nice not having to think about a cell phone bill each month.

Mint Mobile uses the T-Mobile network for coverage. If you need more data, Mint also offers 8GB for $20 and 12GB for $25.

Best Customer Service: Ting's $30 1GB Plan

We love Ting because they have excellent customer service. Ting's customer service is known for being friendly and helpful. Having good customer service is great for seniors who may be less familiar with smartphones. It's nice being able to call Ting customer service and speak with a human to answer your questions.

Ting's plans are reasonably affordable, too. The average Ting bill is just $23 per month. Ting offers affordable rates for minutes, texts, and data. You only pay for what you use. This is nice because during months you use less, you pay less.

Ting is best suited for lighter users. Ting uses the Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile networks for coverage. You choose which network you want when you sign up.

Best Coverage: US Mobile's $20 1.5GB Plan

US Mobile is another one of our favorite options for seniors. We love US Mobile because of their awesome coverage and affordable plans. US Mobile uses the Verizon network for coverage. Verizon's network is one of the best in the United States.

US Mobile's plans are affordable too. You can choose to customize your plan with the number of minutes, texts, and megabytes of data you want. We think US Mobile's $20 plan with 1.5GB of LTE data, unlimited minutes, and unlimited texts is a great option for seniors.

US Mobile also has a beautiful website and a user-friendly mobile application. You can easily manage your account and your plan. US Mobile also lets you have multiple lines on one account. You can group all of your family's lines onto one account to make them easier to manage.

More Great Plans for Seniors

We selected affordable, light-user plans for seniors. However, some seniors may want more data. For plans with more data, check out our top picks for the best unlimited data plans.

Having your parents or grandparents as part of your family plan is another great option too. It makes it easy to manage their phone and account. Check out our recommendations for the best family cell phone plans to see great options for your family.

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