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Perefect cell phone plans for individuals.

Best Cell Phone Plans

for Individuals

Amazingly affordable cell phone plans on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile that are perfect for individual users.

Top Picks for the Best Cell Phone Plans for Individuals

Our recommended cell phone plans for individuals come from Tello, Red Pocket, Mint Mobile, US Mobile, Visible, and Wing.

Best Budget Plan: Tello's $7 1GB Plan

Tello's $7 plan is one of the best budget plans available. It includes 100 minutes, unlimited texts, and 1GB of LTE data. All Tello's plans also include free international calling to Canada, Mexico, and China. If you're a lighter data user, this plan is awesome & affordable.

Tello's plans are customizable too. Need more minutes or data? No problem. You can easily upgrade your plan from within the Tello app or on the Tello website. You can get 2GB for $144GB for $16, or even up to 25GB for $39 per month.

Tello uses the Sprint network for coverage. Once the Sprint-T-Mobile merger is complete, Tello customers will be able to access T-Mobile's network too. Tello supports visual voicemail, MMS, Wi-Fi calling (using the Tello app), and the mobile hotspot.

Best Value Plan: Red Pocket's $19 3GB Plan

Red Pocket offers a great value with their $19 3GB plan. This plan includes unlimited talk & text with 3GB of high-speed LTE data. You get unlimited 2G data if you go over your high-speed data allotment. This is plenty of data for web browsing, social media, getting directions, and more.

Red Pocket's $19 3GB plan either the Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint networks for coverage. You choose which network you want when you sign up. If you're an existing Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint customer, you can keep the same coverage you're used to while getting a more affordable plan.

It's hard to find monthly plans with 3GB of LTE data for under $20, which makes Red Pocket's plan such an excellent value.

Best Bulk-Price Discount Plan: Mint Mobile's $15 3GB Plan

Mint Mobile offers one of the best value cell phone plans currently available. It's technically even a better deal than Red Pocket's $19 3GB plan we just mentioned! You can get unlimited minutes, texts, and data for just $15 per month.

To achieve such affordable prices, Mint Mobile sells their plans in bulk. You sign up for a plan for either 3-months, 6-months, or 12-months at a time. The longer you sign up for the better price you get and the more you save on your cell phone bill.

Mint Mobile also offers a full-featured service. They support visual voicemail, MMS, Wi-Fi calling, VoLTE, and even 5G access on T-Mobile's 5G network.

New customers can get the 3-month 3GB plan just $15 per month. If you choose to renew, you can keep the $15 per month price by signing up for a 12-month option. Mint Mobile is a great option for people who get good T-Mobile coverage and will be staying in the same area for the next year.

Best Customizable Plan: US Mobile's $30 5GB Plan

US Mobile offers custom plans at affordable rates. You choose how many minutes, texts, and megabytes of data you want each month. One of our favorite options is their $30 plan with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and 5GB of LTE data.

All of US Mobile's custom plans support the mobile hotspot, and you'll also get support for features such as visual voicemail, VoLTE, and MMS. Custom plans also include 250MB of international roaming data, so you can use your plan while traveling abroad.

US Mobile uses either the Verizon or T-Mobile networks for coverage. We recommend you sign up for the Verizon network, which US Mobile refers to as their Super LTE network, for the best coverage.

Best Unlimited Data Plans: Visible, Wing, and Boom Mobile

Unlimited plans are becoming increasingly popular. They are also becoming increasingly more expensive. Verizon's Get More Unlimited Plan is $100 per month! Adding multiple-lines gives you a group discount, but for individuals, that's not an option.

That's where Visible, Wing, and Boom Mobile come in. They offer affordable unlimited plans for individuals that you can get for as low as $25 per month.

Visible's $40 unlimited data plan: Visible offers arguably one of the best unlimited data plans available. It's just $40 per month. It includes true unlimited data with unlimited hotspot data. Visible is owned by Verizon and uses Verizon's network for coverage. What makes Visible especially great is their Party Pay group discount. Individuals can join a Visible Party with three other individuals and pay just $25 per month for their plan. Each line in a Visible Party is billed separately, so this is safe to do and a great way to further reduce your cell phone bill.

Wing's $55 unlimited data plan: Wing recently introduced their new $55 unlimited plan, and it's one of the best unlimited plans available. What makes Wing's plan so great is it offers the same features as T-Mobile's Magenta Plus plan but for 35% less per month. You get the same 50GB of postpaid priority data, 20GB of LTE hotspot data, access to T-Mobile's 5G network, Wi-Fi calling, VoLTE, visual voicemail, and MMS. Why pay $85 when you can get the same plan for $55?

Boom Mobile's $42 unlimited data plan: Boom Mobile's $42 unlimited plan is a new offer from them, and it's simply fantastic. This plan is available on Boom's Blue network, which uses AT&T for coverage. Boom Mobile has a special agreement with AT&T, so they are able to offer AT&T business plans. This mean's Boom's unlimited plan includes 22GB of postpaid priority data, 15GB of hotspot data, and even access to AT&T's 5G network. Similar to Mint Mobile, Boom is able to offer such a good deal by selling this plan in a bulk 12-month package. If you'd prefer to pay monthly, you can get the same plan for $59 per month. This is still cheaper than AT&T's $75 unlimited plan.

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