Get $200 off the new Samsung Galaxy S20 5G UW with Xfinity Mobile

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How do I get this deal?

New Xfinity Mobile customers can buy the Galaxy S20 5G with financing from Xfinity Mobile to get this deal. You immediately get a discount off your first monthly device payment. Then transfer your number and activate your new Galaxy S20 5G within 30 days to enjoy $200 off your monthly device payments.

Who is eligible for this deal?

This deal is available for existing Xfinity TV, Internet, or phone customers who have not yet signed up for Xfinity Mobile. Customers must sign up for Xfinity Mobile, purchase the Galaxy S20 5G with the financing option, and transfer their phone number over to Xfinity Mobile.

How is this deal applied?

Xfinity Mobile applies the $200 off via monthly bill credits on the device payment. Instead of paying the full price of $41.66 per month, you'll pay $33.33 per month.

What other purchasing options are available?

If you'd like, you can choose to purchase the Galaxy S20 5G at full price from Xfinity Mobile. The Galaxy S20 5G starts at $999 and increases depending on the model and configuration.

You may also consider purchasing the Galaxy S20 5G unlocked on a site like Swappa, with whom we have an affiliate partnership. Swappa is an online marketplace where users sell gently used cell phones. You can often find great deals on new smartphones, typically 10% to 20% off.

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