Get up to $550 off iPhone XS with trade in

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How do I get this deal?

Go to Verizon's website and add the iPhone XS with monthly device payments to your cart. Then, activate your new iPhone XS on a new line of service on any of Verizon's unlimited plans. Trade in your old smartphone for up to $550 cash back. See the full list of smartphones and how much you'll get on Verizon's website.

Plus, get a $150 Verizon Gift card when you switch to Verizon as a new customer. Simply go to (vzw.com/digitalrebatecenter) and enter the promo code "SUMMERTIME" along with any additional information that is requested.

Who is eligible for this deal?

Anyone who activates a new line of service on Verizon's unlimited data plans is eligible for this promotion. Only new customers are eligible for the $150 Verizon gift card.

How is this deal applied?

Verizon will credit your account with credit each month.

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