Tello 4th of July Sale: Get Any Plan for $4

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How do I get this deal?

Simply sign up for any cell phone plan from Tello! The deal will automatically be applied at checkout. You'll pay just $4 for your first month of service with any plan you choose. You can keep your existing cell phone number and transfer it to Tello. Tello uses Sprint for coverage (now merging with T-Mobile) and is compatible with many popular unlocked smartphones.

Who is eligible for this deal?

New customers are eligible for this promotion, as well as existing customers who activate a new line. You can either keep your existing phone number or sign up for a new phone number. Please note that existing customers may need to create a new account for the line they are activating to take advantage of this promotion.

How is this deal applied?

Tello's $4 July 4th promotional price is applied automatically at checkout for all of their plans.

Compatible Cell Phone Plans

Cell phone plans compatible with this promotion.

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