Bring your own phone to Xfinity Mobile and get $50 back

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How do I get this deal?

Bring your own, unlocked smartphone to Xfinity Mobile and activate it on a new line of service. Xfinity Mobile uses the Verizon network for coverage. All smartphones compatible with Verizon will work with Xfinity Mobile. Once you activate your device, Xfinity Mobile will send you a $50 prepaid card.

Who is eligible for this deal?

Anyone who has an unlocked smartphone and activates a new line on one of Xfinity Mobile's plans is eligible for this deal. Most smartphones, such as iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, or Google Pixel phones, will work perfectly with Xfinity Mobile. This promotion is available for all of Xfinity Mobile's plans, which start at just $15 per month.

How is this deal applied?

Xfinity Mobile will send you a $50 prepaid card.

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