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three iPhones standing vertically on desk with T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T logos displayed on screen
T-Mobile vs Verizon vs AT&T: The Ultimate Plan Comparison

Everything you need to know about the cell phone plans from Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T, and exactly which plans you should sign up for.

Stetson Doggett
May 12, 2021
circledin review
CircledIn Review: A Platform to Join Family Plans for Group Saving

CircledIn lets single-line users find and join family plans on Verizon and T-Mobile to take advantage of multi-line discounts. Get premium plans for half price.

Stetson Doggett
March 16, 2021
mint mobile unlimited plan review video
Mint Mobile's $30 Unlimited Plan Review

Mint Mobile’s $30 unlimited plan is one of the best deals out there, but to achieve this price Mint had to make some compromises.

Stetson Doggett
February 13, 2021
male holding iPhone 12 at arm's length displaying T-Mobile Magenta plan on screen
T-Mobile Review 2021: Should You Switch?

Here are the differences between T-Mobile’s plans, how they compare with Verizon and AT&T, and what my experience was like using their network. Is T-Mobile worth it in 2021?

Stetson Doggett
January 20, 2021
four phones on desk with the US Mobile application open on the screen
US Mobile Review: Better Than Verizon Prepaid!

US Mobile is a prepaid carrier that uses Verizon or T-Mobile for coverage. Plans start at $3/month. Their new unlimited family plan includes perks such as Netflix, HBO Max, or Disney+. US Mobile has the same coverage as Verizon Prepapid, but more affordable plans and a better experience.

Stetson Doggett
December 11, 2020
Mint Mobile $30 unlimited data plan explained
Mint Mobile's New $30 Unlimited Plan Explained: What To Know

Mint Mobile launched a new unlimited data plan for just $30 bucks a month. It’s a great option for a lot of people. But… it’s not actually unlimited.

Stetson Doggett
September 16, 2020
Yahoo Mobile review
Yahoo Mobile Review: Don't Sign Up for this $40 Unlimited Plan

Yahoo Mobile's $40 unlimited plan seems like a great value, but here's why you shouldn't sign up.

Stetson Doggett
September 15, 2020
wing t-mobile review
Wing T-Mobile Review: New Best T-Mobile Unlimited Plan

Wing's new unlimited data plans offer the same service as T-Mobile Magenta Plus, but for 35% less per month. Get unlimited data, hotspot data, and 5G for $55.

Stetson Doggett
May 25, 2020
mint mobile sim starter kit next to iphone
Mint Mobile Review 2020: Is This $15 Plan Worth It?

A lot has changed since I first tried Mint way back in 2017. They’ve added new features, faster data speeds, and are now owned by Ryan Reynolds. I've been using them for the past 18 months, and I think they're one of the best deals out there.

Stetson Doggett
April 29, 2020
iPhone 11 open to My Sprint app page and another iPhone 11 performing a data speed test on Sprint
Sprint Review 2020: Good Value, Poor Coverage

Sprint is appealing because of their affordable plans, the high amount of hotspot data they include, their international coverage, and their family discounts. The problem? They don't have the best coverage. At least, not yet.

Stetson Doggett
February 29, 2020
iPhone 11 Pro running cellular data speed test next to an iPhone 11 Pro receiving incoming phone call next to an iPhone 11 Pro open to the Wing application
Wing Review - A Better, Cheaper Version of AT&T

Wing offers the same features, coverage, and performance as AT&T’s plans, and at a lower price. Wing supports the hotspot, Wi-Fi calling, VoLTE, and international coverage. Here's my review.

Stetson Doggett
November 27, 2019
Three phones on a desk making a phone call, sending and receiving SMS messages, and performing a cellular data speed test
Verizon Wireless Review - Great Coverage, Expensive Plans

My experience using Verizon’s Get More Unlimited plan, Verizon's supported features & add-ons, and the best cheap alternative plans if you don’t want to spend $1,269.96 per year on cell service.

Stetson Doggett
October 21, 2019
image of three iphones next to each other, the left iPhone is making a call, the middle iPhone is sending text messages, and the right iPhone is doing a data speed test
Reach Mobile Review: A Mobile Carrier with a Social Impact

A detailed review of Reach Mobile –– a new kind of carrier with full-feature service on the Verizon and AT&T networks, that actively reduces your bill with their Best Fit policy, and that doubles as a crowdfunding platform to donate 10% of your plan to providing data connectivity to people in need.

Stetson Doggett
September 17, 2019
Visible activation card next to a Pixel 3a with the Visible application open on the splash screen
Visible Review! The $40 Unlimited Plan by Verizon

Visible is a phone service by Verizon. They have one plan: Unlimited everything for $40/month (flat). Now with uncapped speeds on Verizon's LTE network, Visible is getting more attention than ever. But what are the compromises to achieving a $40 unlimited plan? Here's everything you need to know about Visible.

Stetson Doggett
July 24, 2019
iPhone SE displaying Mint Mobile's website
Mint Mobile Review 2019: Low-Cost Wireless Service

Mint offers insanely cheap prices on cell service. How? They sell their plans in 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month packages. But with prices so good, are there any downsides? Let's find out.

Stetson Doggett
May 12, 2019
iPhone SE next to AT&T $45 GoPhone starter kit on desk
AT&T Prepaid Review - Affordable Single Line Plans

An in-depth review of AT&T's prepaid service and why it is actually BETTER than their postpaid service. You get more affordable plans, family discounts, and full-features service on AT&T's network. If you need AT&T coverage, these plans are worth considering.

Stetson Doggett
May 12, 2019