T-Mobile Global Plus 15GB

per month
per week
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Global Plus 15GB is an international add-on that gives you the following features for up to 30-days:

  • 15GB high-speed data in 210+ supported countries
  • 5GB high-speed data in Canada and Mexico
  • 5GB high-speed mobile hotspot data in 210+ supported countries
  • Unlimited texting and calling between 210+ supported countries
  • Stateside international calling and texting
  • Unlimited high-speed mobile hotspot data while within the U.S.
  • Unlimited HD video streaming within the U.S. and abroad in 210+ supported countries
  • Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi available for the full flight (instead of just 1 hour) on Gigo-enabled domestic flights
  • Name ID
  • Voicemail to Text

Learn more about Global Plus 15GB on T-Mobile's website.

Compatible with these plans:



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