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BestPhonePlans' Disclosure Policies

How does BestPhonePlans make money?

That is a great question.

BestPhonePlans makes money in three ways:

  1. Advertisements displayed on the site: We may place ads on the site from ad networks such as Google AdSense, Mediavine, or others.
  2. Affiliate relationships: We earn money through affiliate relationships with different brands. If you choose to sign up for a cell phone plan or purchase a product through one of our links, we may earn commission on that sale at no cost to you.
  3. Custom ad placements: Additional ad placements may be visible in some parts of the website, such as below the navbar, above or below certain articles, at the top of the compare plans page, in the footer, etc. that are negotiated directly with our affiliate partners.

Generating revenue from this website helps cover our expenses, such as web hosting, signing up for and reviewing cell phone plans, and funding new projects to help the community, such as

There is another big question:

How do our affiliate relationships impact the content we create?

Our affiliate relationships impact our content in three ways:

  1. How we quickly we create content. We may create content more quickly around brands we have relationships with as opposed to brands we do not have relationships with. This may include how quickly we publish reviews, activation guides, or comparisons, for example.
  2. What deals or promotions we cover. We are more likely to cover deals and promotions available from our partners as opposed to similar deals from brands we are not partnered with.
  3. Outbound links. Brands we partner with may have more prominent and accessible links readers can use to sign up for service. An example would be the green "View plan" button at the bottom of some cell phone plans.

What do our affilate relationships NOT impact?

Our affiliate relationships do NOT impact our rankings or reviews in any way.

  • No brand can pay us to say nice things about them.
  • No brand can pay us to change our opinion of their product or service.
  • No brand can pay us to change their ranking position.
  • No brand can pay us to appear in a ranking.

Our goal at BestPhonePlans is to help consumers pick an affordable cell phone plan that meets their needs, even if the perfect plan is from a brand we have no relationship with.

So, how do we come up with our recommendations?

We base our recommendations off of what plans provide the best value for consumers, our extensive research of the 686 plans in our database, our personal experiences signing up and testing out a carrier, and based on community feedback.

If you are ever curious how one of our recommendations stacks up against other options out there, you can check out our compare plans page.

The compare plans page lets you compare all 686 cell phone plans we have in our database.

You can filter the plans by number of lines, coverage, carriers, data amount, plan features, price, and eligible discounts. We even added a toggle to include estimated taxes and fees in the cost of the plans so you get a better picture on how plans truly compare.

You may even find a plan better suited for your needs than one of our recommendations.

And that is the goal!

Our mission is to help 1 million people save $10 per month or more on their cell phone bill, and we certainly hope our site is able to help you in some way!