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Verizon Pay As You Go International

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Verizon’s Pay As You Go rates allow you to pay per minute, per text, and per MB of data that you use internationally.

You will only be charged international pay as you go rates if you choose to enable international service on your account, and you decide not to get Verizon’s TravelPass or Monthly International Plan.

If you do not enable international service, then you will not be charged the pay as you go rates.

Verizon’s pay as you go rates are as follows:

  • $0.99/minute: Canada, Mexico, Northern Mariana Islands, Guam
  • $1.79/minute: 130+ countries
  • $2.99/minute: 80+ countries
  • $0.50/text sent: all countries
  • $0.05/text received: all countries
  • $0.25/MMS sent or received: all countries
  • $2.05/MB: all countries

These rates may be reasonable for lighter international data users. However, they can be quite expensive for more moderate to heavy use. For example, using 1GB of cellular data costs $2,050 with Verizon’s pay as you go rate system.

Be mindful of Verizon’s pay as you go rates if you choose to enable international features and do not opt for either the daily TravelPass or Monthly International Travel Plan.

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