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Best Cell Phone Plans for Customer Support

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Finding a carrier with great customer service in the cell phone industry can be challenging.

Many MVNOs choose to offload their customer service to third-party companies, many of which are located in different countries.

This can result in support representatives who may be more challenging to understand, may have less knowledge or expertise in the industry, or who simply don’t have the authority to resolve your issue and are required to escalate your case to a more senior-level manager.

In an ideal world, you shouldn't need to contact customer support once your device is set up. Everything should just work properly.

But, as we’ve learned from testing out numerous plans and carriers, that’s not always the case.

Thankfully, from our testing we have discovered several carriers that stand out with their exceptional customer service and support.

These carriers have a strong customer care, or “customer success,” teams where the support agents are quick to respond, friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.

From our experience, the best customer service typically comes from Ting, US Mobile, Mint Mobile, and T-Mobile.


Ting has become known in the cell phone industry for their excellent customer support.

They pride themselves as having a strong customer care team, which is one of their differentiating factors in the industry.

A Ting employee shared on Reddit that what enables Ting’s customer support to be so good is their custom built in-house tools.

“The tools we're currently using at Ting are decidedly more robust than what's available at your run-of-the-mill MVNO,” describes Reddit user /u/LiterallyUnlimited. “A significant amount of the experience you've come to love at Ting isn't really down to the people behind it [...] but the tools we use to GET those resolutions.”

Ting’s toolbox enables representatives to easily follow any support chats you’ve had with the company, and more quickly and easily provide resolutions to any potential issues.

Ting representatives are also knowledgeable, friendly, and quick to respond.

Ting's phone support is available from 8am to 1am EST.

Ting's chat support is available 10am to 9pm Monday through Friday, and from 10am to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday.

And Ting’s email support is available 24/7, although you won’t always get a response right away. A Ting agent will simply respond as soon as they can.

Ting offers four plans to choose from. Our favorites are their $10 Flex plan, and their $25 Set 5GB plan.

US Mobile

US Mobile is also known for providing great customer support.

They are particularly known for providing quick response times, and for having customer support available 24/7.

Part of the reason US Mobile is able to offer such good customer support is because, like Ting, they also built their own in-house customer support tools.

One of the problems carriers face with customer support is that they have different tools for chat, email, and phone support.

US Mobile was frustrated with these tools, so they built their own “integrated system that has chat, email, and phone support all in one place.”

Having an integrated system allows customers to reach out to support and have more seamless conversations that can even be asynchronous.

That means you can start a conversation with a support rep via the online chat, and if for some reason you run out of time or need to leave your computer, you can easily resume the chat session via SMS or the chat in the US Mobile application and pick up the conversation right where you left off.

US Mobile also announced they recently doubled the number of support specialists that they have. This means shorter wait times for customers.

This means shorter wait times and quicker responses.

US Mobile's support is available via chat, email, or phone. From our experience, the chat agents were knowledgeable and helpful.

If you have questions about US Mobile's plans or services, chat with an agent using the chat bubble on US Mobile's website.

They'll be happy to answer questions, and from our experience, they'll even give you a code for a free SIM kit if you ask for it.

Or you can also use code “stetson” (without the quotes) for a free SIM starter kit and $20 of account credit.

Our favorite plans from US Mobile are their 3.5GB plan for $15 and their 30GB plan for $30.

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile is another carrier doing a great job offering customer service and support.

You can contact Mint Mobile support via their online chat or the chat in their mobile application.

Mint Mobile is using a chat bot, which they call the “Fox Bot,” to help answer common questions about their plans or service.

This bot can be helpful for getting quick information.

You can also ask the bot to speak with a human, in which case you’ll be put in a short que to chat with the next available representative.

Wait times may vary depending on the chat volume Mint is experience, but from our testing we’ve consistently been connected to representatives in just a few minutes.

Mint chat agents are often knowledgeable and helpful.

What makes Mint Mobile’s support particularly great is the support they offer on Reddit.

Anytime a customer comments with an issue about their service or phone, Mint’s customer support account, /u/MintMobileAlex, responds quickly and works with the user over DM to get the issue resolved.

We love seeing that kind of support and dedication from cell phone companies.

Mint offers four great plans to choose from: 3GB for $15, 8GB for $20, 12GB for $25, or 35GB for $30 per month.

The one thing to know about Mint is that their plans are sold in bulk 3-, 6-, or 12-month packages to help keep the prices so affordable.

For more information, read our Mint Mobile review, or check out our article on how Mint Mobile can be so cheap.


When it comes to the major carriers, we feel T-Mobile is providing some of the leading customer support right now.

Their support reps are friendly, personable, quick to respond, and helpful.

T-Mobile support is available over the phone, in-store, online chat, the chat in the T-Mobile app, iMessage Business chat, and on Twitter.

T-Mobile refers to their Twitter support team as “T-Force,” and from our experience these representatives consistently provide some of the best support available.

What is also nice about Twitter support is that all of your messages are saved. You can easily pause a conversation and resume it at any time that is more convenient for you.

T-Mobile offers a variety of postpaid and prepaid plans to choose from.

We currently feel T-Mobile prepaid’s $15 2GB plan, $25 5GB plan, and $60 unlimited plan are some of the best options for single-line users from T-Mobile.

In terms of the postpaid plans, we really liked what T-Mobile Magenta and Magenta Plus had to offer, but we don’t feel T-Mobile’s Essentials plan is worth it.

For more information about T-Mobile, read our T-Mobile review.

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