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Our Recommended Plans and Why We Chose Them

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When it’s time to search for a new phone plan, there are going to be a number of important considerations to make when choosing the best one, right?

You’ll look for affordability, service, network coverage, and of course, features.

Well, here at BestPhonePlans, we’re proud to provide you with a little bit of insight to help you choose the right phone plan from T-Mobile.

We’ve put together four of our top-picks for the best low-cost cell phone plans on the T-Mobile network. Take a look and see which ones work best for you and your family.

Our top picks for low-cost T-Mobile plans:

  1. Mint Mobile’s $15 4GB plan
  2. Tello’s $7 1GB plan
  3. Ting’s $25 5GB plan
  4. T-Mobile Connect $15 2.5GB plan

Mint Mobile’s $15 4GB Plan

Plain and simple, this plan offers you the very best bang for your buck. You get 4GB of high-speed data per month for just $15. This is almost double what T-Mobile is offering with their $15 2.5GB Connect plan.

Mint Mobile is able to offer such affordable prices on their plans because they sell their plans with bulk discounts.

You sign up for 3, 6, or 12 months at a time. The longer you sign up for, the better price you get on your cell phone plan.

Thankfully, Mint offers new customers an introductory offer, where you get the 3-month package but at the lower monthly price of the 12-month package. Then, after your first 3 months, you have the option to renew your plan for the 12-month option to keep the same lower-cost rate.

Along with having affordable prices, Mint also supports all the major features. You get full support for VoLTE, Wi-Fi calling, eSIM, the mobile hotspot, HD video streaming, and you even have options for international calling or data roaming with add-ons.

And if the 4GB data package isn’t enough, they also offer a $25 plan with 15GB of high-speed data; plenty for more moderate to heavy users.

See all of Mint Mobile’s plans here.

Tello’s $7 1GB Plan

Tello is another MVNO, or mobile virtual network operator, that offers low-cost cell phone plans on the T-Mobile network.

What makes Tello great is that their plans are customizable. You choose exactly how many minutes and how much cellular data you want with your plan.

In terms of minutes, Tello offers 100 minutes, 300 minutes, 500 minutes, or unlimited minutes. For those of you who want to save even more money, you can also choose to have zero minutes for a text and data-only plan.

In terms of data allotments, Tello offers no data, 0.5GB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 6GB, 8GB, and 25GB. These amounts are perfect for lighter to more moderate data users.

All of Tello’s plans include free unlimited texting.

The specific plan we recommend from Tello is their $7 1GB plan. This is perfect because of how low-cost it is at just 7 dollars, and it’s an ideal cell phone plan for kids just getting their first smartphone or lighter data users.

If you find you need more data, you can switch plans on Tello at any Time. For example, you could move to their $14 2GB plan or their $19 4GB plan, both configured with unlimited minutes.

The downfall to Tello is that they don’t support certain features on iPhones.

When we recently tested them out, we weren’t able to get group messaging, visual voicemail, VoLTE, or 5G access working on our iPhone 12.

However, Tello is aware of the issue, and a recent Reddit post shows they are shipping brand new SIM cards to affect users to get those features working on iPhone again.

Android users get full support for group and picture messaging, visual voicemail, Wi-Fi calling, hotspot, 5G access, and HD video streaming.

Ting’s $25 5GB Plan

Ting Mobile is another carrier with low-cost cell phone plans on the T-Mobile network. Their plans are similar to Tello and Mint Mobile in terms of affordability and flexibility.

However, there is one aspect of Ting’s plan that might separate it from the rest: outstanding customer service that you can count on.

Ting has established a reputation of provide excellent customer service, whether it’s through the phone, via live chat, or over email.

It’s reassuring knowing that you can pick up the phone and call someone at Ting and speak to a real person, yes a real person, for getting help setting your device up or answering questions about your service.

Along with that, you’ll get wonderful feature support. Ting offers the full capabilities of the T-Mobile, including 5G access for speedy service, VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling for crystal clear phone calls, hotspot support for sharing your smartphone data with your other device, and even options for international calling and data roaming should you travel abroad.

As a bonus, get $25 of Ting credit by signing up at You’ll basically get your first month free!

T-Mobile Connect $15 2.5GB Plan

Lastly, we’ve got the T-Mobile Connect $15 plan, which appears to compete directly with Mint Mobile’s $15 plan.

With 2.5GB of high-speed data per month, T-Mobile’s prepaid plan doesn’t include nearly as much data as Mint Mobile’s impressive 4GB.

Plus, when you go over your high-speed allotment on Mint Mobile, you still get unlimited data but at slower 2G speeds. T-Mobile, on the other hand, shuts off your data completely.

However, T-Mobile’s plan does have some advantages.

Considering it’s offered by T-Mobile directly, the Connect plan includes support for ALL T-Mobile features: VoLTE, Wi-Fi calling, hotspot, eSIM, and visual voicemail are all fully supported.

One unique feature of T-Mobile Connect is that it comes with 100MB of domestic roaming data. This means if you’re in an area without T-Mobile coverage, your phone will be able to switch to a partner network, like the AT&T network, for service. Having domestic roaming gives T-Mobile Connect more coverage areas than the other plans.

Not to mention, getting support is as easy as walking into a T-Mobile store and chatting with an associate. None of the other carriers offer physical retail stores, so if you’re someone who enjoys going to store and speaking with someone directly, T-Mobile Connect may be the better option for you.

And if you need more data, you can also consider the T-Mobile Connect $25 plan with 5.5GB of high-speed data per month.

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