Best Cell Phone Plans with Mobile Hotspot

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Best Cell Phone Plans with Mobile Hotspot

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Many people love having the mobile hotspot feature included with their plan. Having hotspot data lets you share your phone’s cellular connection with your tablet, computer, or your friend’s devices.

The hotspot feature is perfect for traveling. You can connect your laptop to your phone and use your cellular data for responding to emails, replying to clients, entering important information in a database, or doing anything else work related.

You could even choose to kick back and stream a movie or watch YouTube videos.

And the best part? You don’t have to rely on slow hotel Wi-Fi to get stuff done.

If you’re interested in the mobile hotspot feature, it’s important to check that your cell phone plan supports it before you sign up.

Not all cell phone plans support hotspot, and the ones that do may have limits for how much data you can use over your hotspot connection.

Thankfully, we searched through all of the available cell phone plans from the major carriers and prepaid providers to find the best hotspot plans available.

These plans not only support the mobile hotspot feature, but they include some of the most hotspot data available.

Our top picks for the best hotspot plans are:

Best Low Cost Hotspot Option: Mint Mobile’s $20 10GB plan

Mint Mobile's $20 10GB plan

There are many great low-cost cell phone plans out there, but not every plan includes hotspot data.

Thankfully, one of our favorite low-cost options does: Mint Mobile’s $20 plan.

Mint Mobile includes 10GB of high-speed data with their $20 plan. The best part? You can use ALL of that high-speed data as hotspot data.

Having up to 10GB of hotspot data is literally double the amount you get with T-Mobile’s $70 Magenta plan. Magenta tops out at just 5GB of high-speed hotspot data before reducing your speeds to 600Kbps.

Mint gives you the full 10GB at the fastest speeds available, whether you want to use it as hotspot data or mobile device data.

Plus, Mint runs off T-Mobile's network for coverage, so you’re getting the same service for way less.

Mint supports all of your favorite cell phone plan features, too. You get VoLTE, Wi-Fi calling, 5G access, and add-ons for international calling or data roaming.

As a bonus, Mint is one of the few carriers that supports eSIM, meaning you can easily add it as a secondary line to your phone.

How can Mint afford to offer such great features at such a low-cost?

The answer in their bulk pricing model. Mint offers their plans in bulk 3-, 6-, or 12-month packages. The longer you sign up for service, the more you save on your cell phone bill.

Obviously bulk pricing isn’t for everyone, but for those who are interested Mint Mobile offers a premium wireless experience at a fraction of the cost. You could even grab their $15 4GB plan if you are looking for something more affordable. Either way, we recommend you check them out.


Best AT&T Plan with Hotspot: AT&T Prepaid’s $25 Annual Plan

AT&T Prepaid $25 annual plan with 8GB high speed data

AT&T Prepaid’s $25 annual plan is another great option to consider for a plan with hotspot functionality. You pay $300 up front for one year of service, and you get 8GB of high-speed data per month.

You can use all of your high-speed data allotment as hotspot data. And one really cool feature is that  your unused data on AT&T’s prepaid plan will roll over to your next month of service. That means if you only use 4GB one month, then the next month you will have a total of 12GB of data.

AT&T Prepaid supports all features on the AT&T network, too. You get Wi-Fi calling, VoLTE, visual voicemail, free data roaming in Canada and Mexico, and the ability to transfer this plan to an eSIM.

The two downsides to AT&T’s plan are that it’s annual and that it doesn’t support AT&T’s 5G network.

Having an annual plan means that you pay a lot up front on service, $300, and that it’s annoying to switch plans. Technically AT&T will let you switch to another plan at any time, but doing so would forfeit the rest of your service period on the annual plan.

And the lack of 5G access isn’t really a big deal at all because AT&T’s 4G LTE network is already so fast and reliable.

Overall the $25 annual plan is one of the best affordable plans with hotspot data on the AT&T network.

If you’re looking for a plan with even more hotspot data, then we suggest you check out AT&T’s Unlimited Elite plan. This includes 30GB of hotspot data, which is some of the most you can get on the AT&T network.

Best Plan with Hotspot Add-On: US Mobile’s $30 30GB plan

US Mobile's $30 30GB plan

Hotspot can be a great feature to have. But, what if you don’t need it all of the time?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could save some money on months you don’t need your hotspot data? And then just easily add it back for the months you do need it?

Thankfully, that’s possible with US Mobile’s $30 30GB plan.

US Mobile is a prepaid carrier that uses either T-Mobile or Verizon for coverage. Their $30 plan includes 30GB of high-speed data.

By default, hotspot is disabled so you can get the best price possible on your data plan. Then, if you do want hotspot data for a month, you can enable it with a simple $5 add-on.

Getting the $5 hotspot add-on lets you use up to all 30GB of data as hotspot data. This is a huge amount of data! In fact, it’s the same amount of hotspot data as what Verizon includes with their Unlimited More plan.

The difference? US Mobile’s plan is $35 (with the hotspot add-on) compared to a whopping $90/month for Verizon’s plan.

Another great feature about US Mobile’s hotspot add-on is that hotspot data is at full speeds. With Visible, another popular carrier that we’ll talk about in just a bit, hotspot speeds are limited to 5Mbps.

So would you rather have 30GB of data at the fastest speeds available, or would you rather have unlimited hotspot data capped at 5Mbps? The choice is yours, and it ultimately depends on your use case and what you want out of your hotspot experience.

Other perks of US Mobile’s service include support for VoLTE, 5G access on Verizon’s 5G network, and up to 10GB of free international data via US Mobile’s eSIM international add-ons.

US Mobile offers a ton of flexibility with their affordable rate plans, and it’s definitely worth checking them out.


Best Unlimited Hotspot Plan: Visible

Visible's $40 unlimited plan

Visible has quickly made a name for itself by offering one of the best hotspot plans in the industry. They include truly unlimited hotspot data with their $40 plan.

That’s well above even what Verizon itself is offering. The most hotspot data you can get on a Verizon plan is from Verizon Get More Unlimited, and it tops out at a measly 30GB of high-speed hotspot data.

After 30GB, Verizon slows your speeds to 600Kbps, about as fast as 3G cell phone data. Not great. Plus, it’s a $90 plan.

Visible, on the other hand, handles hotspot differently. Instead of slowing your hotspot speeds down after a certain amount, Visible gives you truly unlimited hotspot data at a consistent 5Mbps.

That’s 6x faster than the slow 600Kbps speeds Verizon offers, and by our standards 5Mbps is easily fast enough for your everyday needs.

A 5Mbps connection lets you watch unlimited video at 720p quality, stream unlimited music with no buffering, browse your favorite web pages, and get all the work done you need to.

Visible’s hotspot feature is so good, that some people have even gone so far as to try and replace their home internet with it.

We strongly advise against using Visible as your home internet (it’s a violation of their terms of use), but this just goes to show how awesome Visible’s hotspot is.

Visible does limit you to connecting only one device at a time to your phone’s hotspot. However, we have seen people connect multiple devices at a time. This limitation does not appear to be strongly enforced.

Other than offering one of the best-value unlimited hotspot plans available, Visible is also a pretty great cell phone provider. They are owned by Verizon, so they use Verizon’s robust LTE and 5G networks for coverage.

Visible also includes key features such as VoLTE, Wi-Fi calling, visual voicemail, 5G access, and even free international calling to Canada, Mexico, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

Pricing can’t be beat, either. $40 is a steal for unlimited data on the Verizon network, and Visible goes a step further. With their Party Pay group discount, you can get Visible’s service for just $25 per month. And that includes all taxes and fees.

Party Pay lets multiple users join a group together. They can be friends, family, or strangers you meet on the internet. Account billing is always kept separate with Visible, so you’re safe to join a party with anyone you want to.

Heck, you’re even welcome to join our bestphoneplans party with over 5,000 members and climbing.

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