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Data Plan

T-Mobile Essentials for tablets includes the following:

  • Unlimited LTE or 5G data on your tablet
  • Data speeds are deprioritized, so your speeds may be slower during times when the T-Mobile network is busy
  • 480p standard definition video streaming
  • Texting abroad in 210+ countries and destinations
  • Unlimited texting in Mexico and Canada
  • Unlimited data at 128Kbps in Mexico and Canada
  • Unlimited stateside international texting
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot data at up to 600Kbps
  • Taxes are extra with this plan
  • You can have a maximum of 5 tablet plans on one T-Mobile account

T-Mobile Essentials for tablets does not support the following:

  • International data

Other notes:

  • This plan is $20/month with regular pricing and $15/month with the $5 auto-pay discount. This price requires you to have an active voice line on your account. 
  • The T-Mobile Essentials tablet plan is $65 ($60 with auto-pay) if you do not have a voice line on your account

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