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How To Get Your Mint Mobile Account Number & PIN

Avoid Spending 30 Minutes Calling Customer Support, Here's How To Quickly Get Your Account Number & PIN
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On major carriers, getting your account number is a breeze. It is printed on every bill and readily available from your online account.

However, for some carriers getting your account number is more of a hassle. It's not in your online account. It's not printed on any of your bills or invoices. And it's not in some secret tab in the application. It's completely hidden!

Unfortunately, Mint Mobile is one of those carriers.

Previously, you had to call in to Mint Mobile customer support to get your account number and PIN. When I called in a while back to get this information, it was a total hassle! I spent 20 minutes on hold waiting for the next available customer care agent. I spent 5 minutes answering questions to verify my identity (which is good––you don't want any random person getting your account number). But then I was transferred to the porting department, where I spent another 5 minutes on hold and had to re-verify my identity all over again!


Thankfully, Mint Mobile has improved this process quite a lot since then.

Instead of having to call in to get your account number and PIN, you can now get this information in 5 minutes directly within the Mint Mobile application.

Mint recently updated their app with a new support tab, and within the support tab you can quickly and easily message a customer care agent to get your account number and PIN.

Step-by-step guide to get your Mint Mobile account number and PIN

  1. Download the Mint Mobile application on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Sign in to your Mint Mobile account
  3. Go to the Support Tab and tap the orange "Start a conversation" button
  4. Type in "Account Number" in the message field and hit send
  5. The Fox Bot chat bot will prompt you with two options. Tap "To Port Out"
  6. You will be placed in a queue to chat with the next available Mint customer care agent. For me, this took 5 minutes and 49 seconds to be connected.
  7. Politely ask the customer care agent for your Account Number and PIN
  8. The customer care agent will verify your identity by sending you an SMS authentication code. Reply back with the authentication code
  9. Once you've verified your identity, the agent will share your account number and PIN
  10. You're done!

And that's it! This entire process took me about 10 minutes. I was never on hold, and could easily do other things while I was waiting to connect with the customer care agent. I think Mint Mobile has done a great job improving the process for getting your account number and PIN.

Why do I even need my account number and PIN?

Great question.

You need your account number and PIN to transfer, or "port", your phone number from one carrier to another. It's a valuable piece of information to have and keep on record.

If you're feeling tech savvy, you can also use Chrome's inspect page elements feature to find your account number and PIN. Check out the tutorial on Reddit.

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