AT&T International Day Pass

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AT&T’s International Day Pass is available for AT&T postpaid subscribers who wish to use their AT&T service when they travel abroad.

The Day Pass is $10 per 24-hour period and includes the following features:

  • Unlimited international texting
  • Unlimited international calling to 200+ destinations
  • Unlimited calls to the United States
  • Same amount of cellular data as your domestic plan in the United States
  • Mobile hotspot support (same allowance as domestic plan)
  • $10 for the first line, $5 for each additional line you activate within the same 24 hour period

You can activate the International Day Pass at any time by contacting AT&T or in your AT&T account settings.

Once the International Day Pass is added, you will automatically be charged $10 per 24 hour period that you use minutes, texts, or data outside the United States.

After you pay for 10 days, the International Day Pass becomes free for the remainder of your billing cycle.

When you return to the United States, you can leave the International Day Pass add-on enabled. That way, your phone will automatically work on your next trip abroad. You will not be charged for use within the United States.

You can remove the International Day Pass at any time by contact AT&T or via your AT&T account settings. Removing the Day Pass prevents you from being charged on any future trips outside the United States.

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