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AT&T Mobile Security & Call Protect Plus

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From AT&T’s website:

Standard version:

  • Get advanced data protection and secured Wi-Fi®.
  • Monitor malicious use of your personal info.
  • Automatically block fraud calls.
  • Block or send spam calls straight to voicemail.
  • Identify and manage unwanted calls.
  • Includes AT&T Call Protect.

All the benefits of our standard version with two advanced security services:

Mobile Security Plus (app req’d)

  • This service is Included with Unlimited Elite/Extra plans.
  • Personal ID Monitor: Get alerts and helpful tips if your info is leaked on the dark web
  • Secured Wi-Fi Connections: Your own private data connection on public Wi-Fi
  • Safe Browsing: Warns or blocks suspicious websites

Call Protect Plus:

  • Incoming Caller ID
  • Use the app for Reverse Lookup on US numbers
  • Custom Controls can automatically allow, block, or send call types to voicemail.
Compatible with these plans:



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