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AT&T International Pay-As-You-Go

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AT&T’s Pay-As-You-Go International plan lets you pay for only the amount of minutes, texts, and MB of data you use while traveling abroad.

However, AT&T’s international rates are some of the most expensive in the industry.

Here is the breakdown:

  • $1.00 per minute in Mexico and Canada
  • $2.00 per minute in Europe
  • $3.00 per minute in the rest of the world
  • $0.50 per text sent or received
  • $1.30 per MMS sent or received
  • $2.05 per MB of cellular data

$2.05 per MB of cellular data may appear affordable on the onset, however that comes out to $2,050 per GB, which is absurdly expensive.

Instead of getting AT&T’s Pay-As-You-Go international plan, you are much better off getting an international eSIM plan, or signing up for a local carrier in the country you are visiting.

You may also consider AT&T’s International Day Pass.

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