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How to Create a Family Plan on Mint Mobile (with Pictures)

Here’s our simple, 7-step walkthrough on how to create your Mint Mobile family plan
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how to create a mint mobile family plan

Creating your Mint Family is a simple 7 step process. All you’ll need is your phone, the Mint Mobile application, and the phone you’d like to add to your account. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Open the Mint Mobile application. Tap the “Account” tab on the bottom right, and then tap “My Mint Family”
  2. Tap “Create”
  3. Invite a family member by giving their line a nickname, entering their Mint phone number, and tapping “Send Invite”
  4. A 6 digit security code will be generated to share with your family member. Save this code for later
  5. Your family member will receive a notification on the home page of the Mint Mobile app. Tap “View Invitation” and then tap “Accept Invitation”
  6. Enter the 6-digit security code
  7. You’re done! Your Mint Family is created. Repeat this process as needed to add lines to your account.

How To Create Your Mint Family (with Pictures)

Open the Mint Mobile application (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store)

mint mobile app icon

Tap "Account" in the bottom right.

Mint Mobile application dashboard

Tap "My Mint Family".

Mint Mobile app account settings

Tap "Create".

create mint family button

Enter a nickname for the line you'll be adding along with the Mint Mobile phone number. Then, tap "Send invite".

invite family member to Mint Family

Mint Mobile will generate a unique 6-digit code for your family member to use to join your Mint Family. Save this code for later.

Mint Family join code

On the family member's phone, open the Mint Mobile application. You should see an invitation to join your new family. Tap "View invitation".

Mint Family invitation

The next screen gives you more details about who is inviting you. Tap "Accept invitation".

Enter the 6 digit security code from the primary account holder's phone and tap "Accept invitation".

accept invitation to join Mint Family

You're done! Your family member has successfully joined your Mint Family.

Joining Mint Family successful

The primary account holder will now be able to manage the new line from the Mint Family section of the account settings.

Mint Family Dashboard

For more information on Mint Mobile's family plans, check out our article on everything you need to know about Mint Mobile's family plans.

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