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Mint Mobile Launches Family Plans: Manage 5 Lines on One Account

Mint Mobile now allows customers to create their own family plans with up to five people.
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Mint Mobile family plan section of application

Mint Mobile family plans are officially here! On June 11th, 2020, Mint Mobile co-founder Rizwan Kassim shared on the /r/MintMobile subreddit that the ability to manage multiple lines under one account was finally available.

The new plan feature is called Mint Family. It allows users to create their own family plan and manage up to 5 total lines under one account. Mint Family is designed to make it easier for families to share billing info, pay for plan renewals, add data, track data usage, and do more all with a single login.

How to Set Up Your Mint Family

To set up your Mint Family, open the Mint Mobile application, tap “Account”, tap “My Mint Family”, and tap create. Enter a nickname for the line you’d like to add, and then enter the Mint Mobile phone number. Once Mint has verified the phone number is eligible, tap “send invite”. Mint will notify the person you invited and will generate a unique 6 digit code to join your family plan. The other user will accept the invitation, enter the code, and you’re done! Your Mint family is set up.

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to set up your Mint Family for more detailed instructions and screenshots.

What You Need To Know About Mint Mobile’s Family Plans

The person who created the Mint Family is considered the primary account holder. Their account will be used to pay for plans, change plans, monitor data usage, pay for add-ons, and invite other members to the plan. They can also name the lines to make it easier to remember whose plan is whose.

Family members can still see their data usage in the Mint Mobile application and view their current plan. They even keep their own unique referral code for Mint’s referral program. The only difference is when a family member goes to renew their plan or make changes, they’ll see a message that the primary account holder will take care of plan changes and payment.

Family members can request data add-ons or international roaming credit to be added to their lines. Primary account holders will see a notification on their dashboard and have 24 hours to approve or deny the request.

In terms of plan renewals date, each line is essentially handled separately. The plan renewal dates will stay the same as when the plan was first activated. The only information the plans share is the same billing information that is on the primary line’s account.

The primary account holder is responsible for making plan changes, approving add-on requests, and managing auto-renewal settings. Auto-renewal is required to be turned on for the primary account holder’s line, but it can be left off for the other lines in the Mint Family.

The primary account holder will also have options to remove members from the family plan, add new members, and to transfer the primary account holder status to another line part of the family. Individual members also have the option to leave at any time they wish; they will just assume responsibility for their future bills.

Mint Family is a welcome feature to Mint Mobile, making it easy to manage up to five lines with a single account. Mint Family is compatible with all of Mint Mobile’s current plans and available to all new and existing Mint Mobile customers.

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