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Wing Review - A Better, Cheaper Version of AT&T

Wing offers the same features, coverage, and performance as AT&T’s plans, but at a lower price.
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iPhone 11 Pro running cellular data speed test next to an iPhone 11 Pro receiving incoming phone call next to an iPhone 11 Pro open to the Wing application
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UPDATE 5/18/2021: Wing no longer offers this plan on the AT&T network. Check Wing's carrier page for an updated look at their current plan offerings.

Wing (also known as Wing Alpha and Wing Tel) is a relatively new cell phone carrier founded by Jonathan Francis, David Arabov, Ilan Yarden, and Greg Dybec in January 2017. They were tired of high cell phone bills and poor customer service. They set out to create a cell phone carrier that was a better, cheaper version of AT&T. 

And I think they’ve done it. 

UPDATE 3/11/2020: Wing's plans have changed since writing this review. Wing AT&T is now capped at 50GB. After 50GB of data usage, your data will be shut off. Wing still offers a good experience and supports the same features, but the plan has changed. Watch the video below to see what's new:

photo of iPhone 11 Pro receiving a call from contact named Wing with an astronaut profile picture
Wing was founded by four guys who set out to build a better, cheaper version of AT&T.

Wing Network Coverage and Performance

Not only does Wing use the AT&T network for coverage, but they offer the same great features and performance. I had consistently reliable service and fast data speeds in my area. That’s because Wing is essentially selling repackaged AT&T business plans. You get higher data priority than AT&T prepaid, which helps out during times of network congestion.

iPhone 11 Pro doing cellular data speed test in Ookla speed test application
Wing offers full speed, uncapped LTE data speeds on the AT&T network. Because Wing is reselling AT&T business plans, you actually get higher data priority than AT&T prepaid customers.

Network performance does vary by location though, so consider talking with your friends on AT&T or checking a site like RootMetrics or OpenSignal to see how coverage is in your area.

Wing Supported Features

Along with great data speeds, Wing supports also supports the features you love. You have full support for WiFi calling, VoLTE, visual voicemail, and the personal hotspot. They even support eSIM, making Wing perfect for dual sim phones like iPhone 11 and Pixel 4.

It was great seeing all these features available on Wing, and I enjoyed my experience using their network. 

Wi-Fi calling option enabled on iPhone 11 Pro in settings app
Wing supports features such as VoLTE, Wi-Fi Calling, Visual Voicemail, and the Personal Hotspot.
iPhone 11 Pro with hotspot enabled sharing cellular data with iPad Pro next to it open to the Apple TV app
I loved seeing hotspot support on Wing. It's one of my favorite features (along with uncapped data speeds)
iPhone 11 in Product Red next to Clearly White Pixel 4 XL with AT&T eSIM card propped up on iPhone 11
A unique feature about Wing is they support eSIM. This makes Wing perfect for phones such as iPhone 11 and Pixel 4 that are eSIM compatible.

Wing Offers A Clean Application for Managing Your Account

Wing also offers a super clean application for managing your account. At a glance you can see your data plan, how much data you’ve used, when your plan renews, and your total bill. 

iPhone 11 Pro open to Wing application with overview of account and data usage
Wing has a clean mobile application for easily managing your account and viewing your data usage.

Toward the bottom of the app, you can tap to view your data usage in a monthly chart, and you can even add an international day pass. 

International Coverage is Available on Wing!

Yes, Wing supports coverage internationally. This is amazing to see from a prepaid carrier. The international day pass is actually the same one AT&T offers. $10 per day let’s you use your minutes, texts, and data in over 100 countries.

iPhone 11 Pro open to Wing website showing a list of supported international locations
Wing supports international coverage in over 100+ international destinations.

Add-On Data is Available

If you sign up for one of Wing’s other plans, you can also purchase additional data. This is expensive though, so it’s best to sign up for the plan with the data you need.

iPhone 11 Pro open to Wing application showing available data add-ons
Wing offers data add-ons for their non-unlimited plans, but the add-ons are expensive.


The app also has a helpful billing page. Here you can see your upcoming amount due, your payment history, and your payment method. The way Wing’s billing works is they bill all customers on the 5th day of every month. This makes things pretty easy to keep track of. 

It doesn’t matter when you sign up for Wing because you’ll receive prorated credit depending on when you do. 

The way it works is you pay for a full month of service when you sign up. That’s the $60.78 transaction you see toward the bottom of the app screenshot. 

iPhone 11 Pro open to Wing app billing page showing cost of first month of service was $60.78
You pay for a full month of service when you sign up for Wing, but they issue you back credit on your second month.

Then, depending on what day during the billing cycle you signed up, Wing will prorate the service and issue you credit to make up the difference. You’ll be able to use this credit your second month of service. On the second month I had $44 of credit and only paid $14.You can check your available credit in the piggy bank.

iPhone 11 Pro open to Wing application showing $44 credit received and second month bill was $14.49
I got $44 of credit toward my second month, so my bill was only $14.49.

I think it’s a simple system and it makes things easy. 

Wing Customer Support is Available Through Their App

The last page in the app gives you the option to call or message Wing support. From my experience, Wing support has been great. I wanted to switch my eSIM from my iPhone 11 Pro to my iPhone, and I had a response in under a minute. The rep was easily able to help me activate my iPhone 11.

contacting Wing customer support via their mobile application
Wing's customer service had a fast response time for me, and Clarissa, the rep I spoke with, was easily able to help me switch my eSIM from my iPhone 11 Pro to my iPhone 11.

Wing vs AT&T - How Does Wing Compare?

I got interested in Wing because I was trying AT&T’s $80 Unlimited &More Premium plan, and I was wondering what the best cheap alternatives were. And this is it. 

Wing offers the same 22GB of priority data, the same features, uses the same network, and has the same 15GB of hotspot data. And comes in at a fraction of the cost. 

graphic of AT&T's $80 Unlimited &More plan compared with Wing's $55 unlimited plan
Wing offers the same service as AT&T and can easily save you over $300 per year.

I’ll also mention the hotspot data used to be unlimited too, which gave Wing a leg up over AT&T. While the hotspot data was capped at 15GB when I was using the plan, Wing says they are trying to bring back unlimited hotspot support. 

And yes, AT&T did introduce a new, cheaper $75 unlimited plan with 50GB of priority data, but Wing’s plan still saves you over $240 per year. There is no $40 activation fee, and I was able to seamlessly switch my AT&T phone number over to Wing in just minutes.

And that’s the other thing. Wing’s activation process is easy.

Wing’s sign up process is like no other. It is an absolute breeze. 

Wing has a clean, dedicated website for activating your service, and you get a personal support agent who will you to walk step by step through the process. 

screenshot of Wing website used for activating service
Wing's activation process was one of the best I've ever gone through. It was easy, and a chat rep was with me the whole time.

All you do let the chat agent know which device you’ll be activating and whether you’ll be using eSIM or a physical SIM card, and then fill out a form. You’ll create your account, provide your phone number information if you’re keeping the same number, enter your address, confirm your device information, add a payment method, and then hang tight. 

Denver and Dallas were the two reps I spoke with who helped me get activated on Wing's service.

Your personal wing agent will review your information, ask you which plan you’d like to sign up for, and then activate your device.

And that’s it! It’s really that simple. You can sign up from the comfort of your home, in your pajamas, at a time that’s convenient for you. No traveling to a store, no waiting in lines, and if you’re like me and activating your phone on eSIM, you don’t even need to wait for a SIM card to ship. 

In fact, when you sign up for AT&T’s plan on eSIM, they will ship you a physical card, but with Wing they had the brilliant idea to simply send you a picture of the QR code.

I’ve gone through a lot of activation processes, and I actually enjoyed signing up for Wing. Denver and Dallas were with me the whole time, and even though those aren’t their real names, they were super nice and the activation process was kinda fun. Is that weird to say? Or maybe it was just fun watching my AT&T bill drop from $96.26 to just $60.78. 

Wing’s $55 Unlimited Plan Is My New Favorite Unlimited Plan on AT&T

Now, Wing isn’t for everyone. Families may consider Cricket, and lighter users may consider Pure TalkUSA for more affordable options. 

But for single-line unlimited data plan with full feature service and that supports eSIM, I think Wing is my new favorite option. 

I loved their easy activation process, their clean application, and the great performance of AT&T’s network. Their online support agents were nice, and I love the option for international traveling. 

Wing may not be for everyone, but I enjoyed my time on their network, and if one of their plans meets your needs, I think you will too. Especially their $55 unlimited plan.

iPhone 11 Pro on Wing's website showing Wing's available data plans
Wing's affordable pricing, full feature service, and high data priority make them one of my favorite unlimited data plans.

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