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Wing T-Mobile Review: New Best T-Mobile Unlimited Plan

Wing's new unlimited plan is the same as T-Mobile Magenta Plus, but for 35% less per month
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wing t-mobile review
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EDIT: Wing's T-Mobile Unlimited plans, identified in this article as Wing T-Mobile Unlimited and Wing T-Mobile Unlimited Plus, are no longer available as I reviewed them. Instead, Wing is offering a $55 plan with 40GB of high-speed data on the T-Mobile network. Check out Wing's carrier page for an updated look at their current plan offerings.

I am keeping this article up for archival purposes, but please know this information is now outdated and irrelevant.

Wing used to offer one of the best unlimited data plans on the AT&T network. It was the same plan as AT&T’s $80 unlimited plan, but for $20 less per month. It had the same 22GB of postpaid data priority, the same 15GB of hotspot data, and even supported the same features including VoLTE, Wi-Fi calling, eSIM, and even the $10 international day pass. It was awesome. And it was also a big reason I considered Wing a better, cheaper version of AT&T.

However, AT&T changed their agreement with Wing. They realized Wing's $55 unlimited plan was too good in comparison to their $80 plan, so they imposed a 30GB data cap on Wing's plan. This, unfortunately, killed one of the best unlimited data plans out there.

Well, now Wing is back. They've got two new unlimited plans on a new network. They call their new network Wing T-Mobile, which as you can imagine uses the T-Mobile network for coverage.

Wing's two new T-Mobile unlimited plans

Wing's two new plans are T-Mobile Unlimited Basic and T-Mobile Unlimited Plus.

Unlimited Basic starts at $45 per month and includes 50GB of priority data. Unlimited hotspot data is included, but data speeds are capped at 3G.

The Unlimited Plus plan is $55 per month, and for $10 extra you get the same 50GB of priority data along with 20GB of high-speed hotspot data before unlimited hotspot data at 3G speeds.

Both plans support all the features you love, including VoLTE, Wi-Fi calling, MMS, visual voicemail, and even access to T-Mobile's 5G network.

Wing's T-Mobile Unlimited Plus plan is the same as Magenta Plus, but for 35% less per month

Wing's Unlimited Plus plan particularly great is it’s essentially the same plan as T-Mobile Magenta Plus, T-Mobile's premium $85 monthly plan, but for only $55 per month. That makes Wing's plan equivalent to getting 35% off and saves you $360 per year. Yeah, it's awesome.

Wing can provide such a great value because they are offering T-Mobile business plans. And if you think their deal is too good to be true (35% off T-Mobile's most expensive plan?! How could this even be??), it turns out Wing's plans are the same ones being offered by Teltik, another carrier that is reselling T-Mobile business plans.

Wing's $45 and $55 plans are the same as Teltik's $40 and $55 unlimited plans, respectively. The only difference between Wing and Teltik is that Teltik is for businesses. This means when you sign up for Teltik, you're required to provide some form of documentation to verify your business, whether that's your business tax ID or EIN, or a document or screenshot of your business website or online listing.

Wing, on the other hand, is for everyone. This makes their plans more accessible, and much easier to sign up for.

All you need to get activated on Wing is an unused T-Mobile SIM card (which you can typically pick up for free at your local Apple Store if they happen to be open), and to hop on a chat with a Wing agent. They'll be happy to get you activated in no time, and you can even keep your existing number.

Wing's new plans make them the best unlimited plans on T-Mobile

With their new T-Mobile Unlimited Basic and T-Mobile Unlimited Plus plans, Wing quickly went from offering one of the best AT&T unlimited plans to now offering some of the best T-Mobile unlimited plans.

And again, as a T-Mobile business reseller, Wing can offer the same data priority as T-Mobile postpaid plans. This means if you're connected to the network and it becomes busy, your data speeds will be prioritized (slightly faster) than T-Mobile prepaid customers or customers signed up with T-Mobile MVNOs, such as Mint Mobile, Ultra Mobile, or US Mobile.

At $55 per month with 50GB of priority data and 20GB of hotspot data, Wing's unlimited plan becomes a better option than Simple Mobile ($60 for unlimited data and only 15GB of hotspot data), and even the plans from T-Mobile themselves. It is one of the best value unlimited plans you can get for premium service on the T-Mobile network.

Wing still needs to improve its app, billing, and international support

While Wing's service is great, after being signed up for their plan for the past couple of months, I realized there are three key areas they need to improve upon:

  1. The Wing app
  2. The billing system
  3. International support

The Wing app

First is the Wing app. Unfortunately, you’re not getting the same great experience as you’re used to from Wing AT&T. The big feature missing is that cellular data usage is no longer reported within the application.

Instead of seeing a circle around your profile with how much data you have remaining, or a bar graph of your historical monthly data usage, you get nothing. Wing still has to build in the integration with T-Mobile to get your data usage to appear in the app. Instead, you’ll have to rely on your smartphone to determine your data usage.

I'd love to see Wing improve this and bring data usage statistics into the application for their Wing T-Mobile plans.

Cellular data resets on the 3rd day of every month with Wing T-Mobile.

Wing billing

The second area Wing could improve upon is its billing.

For the most part, billing is fine. You pay on the 5th of every month, which I prefer because you get a full month of service as opposed to just 30 days, and  it's easier to remember because it's always the same date.

However, where billing needs improvements is when you decide to leave Wing and with discounts.

The problem I had with leaving Wing is they billed me for my canceled line. I ported my Wing AT&T line to US Mobile (to try them out and get excited about their upcoming 5G plans), but for my next month of service with Wing billed again me for my canceled line. What?

Thankfully I had auto-pay turned off, and since it is a prepaid service I was not charged. In fact, the solution was quite simple. I reached out to Wing customer support, explained the situation, and the Wing agent immediately credited my account $55 to effectively cancel out the accidental charge for my canceled line. As a kind gesture, the Wing agent even offered me a permanent $5 discount off my service.

I was stoked! Wing's plan was already great, and the extra $5 off made it an even better deal for me.

However, the next month of service the discount wasn't there. So again, I had to chat with Wing customer support to get my bill sorted out.

Those are the two billing issues I've had with Wing. They were easy enough get sorted out, but they were also a minor inconvenience. I'd love to see Wing improve these issues for a smoother experience.

Wing international support

And finally, there is international data roaming support. Or rather... lack thereof.

If you’re familiar with T-Mobile’s Magenta Plus plan, you’ll know international support is awesome! You get international texting and international data roaming at up to 2G speeds included for free with your plan. T-Mobile’s plans are some of the best international plans out there, and I recommend them in my best international plans video.

With Wing T-Mobile, it’s a little different. As in... there's no international support at all.

I was surprised by this because Teltik offers international features with its T-Mobile business plans. However with Wing, these international features simply aren't there yet. Wing AT&T had the international day pass for $10 per day, but of course that's on a different network and doesn't apply to their new T-Mobile plans.

Lack of international support isn't a deal-breaker for me, but it's something to know about for these new plans.

Who is Wing T-Mobile best for?

So that’s Wing T-Mobile. It’s the new best unlimited plan on the T-Mobile network for individuals. You get priority data, 5G access, and all the features you love.

If you've got a family or need international support, definitely sign up for T-Mobile Magenta Plus instead. They offer great multi-line discounts and have great international features. And if you're a business, you may consider signing up for Teltik.

But for individuals on the T-Mobile network looking for the best unlimited data plan with postpaid priority data, plenty of hotspot data, 5G access, and all the features you'd expect from a premium service, I think Wing T-Mobile is the way to go. I had an overall positive experience and recommend their service.

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