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Xfinity Mobile Unlimited


Xfinity Mobile Unlimited

Plan Details

Xfinity Mobile
plan includes the following features:
Monthly plan
3-month plan (data renews monthly)
6-month plan (data renews monthly)
12-month plan (data renews monthly)
24-month plan (data renews monthly)
Unlimited premium
, then depriorititzed during congestion
priority data, your speeds will never be slowed down based on how much data you use
Unlimited premium
data, speeds may temporarily be slow when the network is busy
Full speed
Full Speed
data speeds
5G access add-on available
Unlimited 2G data after data limit is reached
(speeds at 64Kbps)
(speeds at 128Kbps)
(speeds at 256Kbps)
(speeds at 512Kbps)
Data is turned off when limit is reached
Hotspot data deducts from high-speed data
5GB, then 600Kbps
hotspot data
Hotspot included
480p standard definition video streaming
720p HD video streaming
1080p HD video streaming
4K video streaming
HD video streaming
Video content streams at up to
Wi-Fi calling
Visual voicemail
Group & picture messaging
Domestic roaming
Stateside international calling included
International calling add-on available
International data roaming included
International data roaming add-on available
Device financing available
Add a smartwatch to this plan for $
Add a tablet to this plan for $
QCI value:

International texting notes: None

International calling notes: None

Canada and Mexico notes: None

International data notes: International data is available on a pay-per-use basis.

Xfinity Mobile
plan does not support the following:
Unlimited 2G data
5G access
Hotspot data
Wi-Fi calling
Visual voicemail
Group & picture messaging
Domestic roaming
Stateside international calling
International data roaming
Adding a smartwatch to this plan
Add a smartwatch to this plan
Add a tablet to this plan
Device financing
Included perks with this plan:
  • Perk 1:
  • Perk 2:
  • Perk 3:
  • Perk 4:
  • Perk 5:
  • Perk 6:
  • Perk 7:
  • Perk 8:
  • Perk 9:
  • Perk 10:
Estimated total plan cost
Xfinity Mobile
offers a $
auto-pay discount with this plan. This discount is already included in the price of the plan you see on this website.
Xfinity Mobile
does not offer any auto-pay discounts for this plan.
Taxes and fees are extra with this plan.
Taxes and fees are included in the price of the plan.
We try our best to provide estimated total monthly plan costs based on what we have paid, or based on what other users have paid. Unfortunately, we don't have an estimate for this plan right now.
If you have this plan, or you know what the estimated total will be, please email us at
Factoring in auto-pay discounts, taxes, and fees, we estimate you'll pay the following:
per month
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Xfinity Mobile Unlimited
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Xfinity Mobile




Plan Additional Notes

Any additional details or information you need to know about this plan.

Xfinity Mobile is only available for existing Xfinity customers. You need to have either Xfinity Internet, Voice, or TV service to be eligible to sign up for Xfinity Mobile.

Xfinity Mobile’s unlimited plan includes the following:

  • Get up to 20GB of full-speed data per line per billing cycle. After 20GB, data speeds are slowed to 1.5Mbps download and 750Kbps upload. 
  • Hotspot speeds are capped at 3G speeds, or 600Kbps.
  • Unlike the by-the-gig plans which have priority data, data is deprioritized on the unlimited plan. This means your speeds will be slightly slower at times and locations with high network traffic, such as at crowded stadiums, concerts, airports, or during rush hour in a city.
  • You can enable priority data with this plan by purchasing Xfinity Mobile’s HD streaming pass for $20 per month
  • This plan includes access to Verizon’s Nationwide and Ultra Wideband 5G networks for coverage.
  • Auto-connect to Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots when available. Your usage on Wi-Fi hotspots is unlimited and does not count against your pooled data usage.
  • Video streaming is limited to 480p standard definition for LTE devices.
  • Video streams at up to 720p on 5G devices.
  • Video streams at up to 4K resolution on a 5G device when connected to a 5G network.
  • Add smartwatches for $10 per smartwatch.
  • You can add tables to the unlimited plan, but it counts as adding a separate line and you have to pay $10 extra per month. For example, for 1 smartphone line and 1 tablet line, it would cost $40 per line plus $10 for the tablet line, for a total cost of $90 per month.
  • You can switch between the unlimited plan and the by-the-gig plan.
  • If you go over your shared data amount, you are charged $15 per GB of usage, or if you are on the $15 1GB or $30 3GB shared data amounts you can upgrade to a higher shared data amount. It does not appear there is any bill protection at this time, so you may need to be mindful of your data usage to ensure you are not charged any overage charges of $15/GB.
  • After 20GB of total monthly data usage across all lines, data speeds are reduced to 1.5Mbps download and 750Kbps upload.
  • Xfinity Mobile includes unlimited texting from the U.S. to over 200 supported countries .
  • Place international calls to over 200 supported countries at pay-per-minute rates. Check rates here .
  • Canada and Mexico Call Pass is available for $10 per month. This pass gives you unlimited calling from the United States to numbers in Canada and Mexico instead of paying a per-minute rate. 
  • International data roaming, calling, and texting are available at pay-per-use rates in a wide selection of countries. Data rates range from $50 per GB to $100 per GB. We feel these are expensive rates. You may consider purchasing an international eSIM plan from US Mobile or Airalo . Rates from US Mobile and Airalo are more affordable, ranging from $3 per GB to $20 per GB depending on the country and plan.
  • You need to call Xfinity Mobile at (720) 728-5462 to turn on International data.

There are no additional notes at this time.


Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Mobile is a cell phone carrier available for Xfinity customers. They offer affordable starting at just $15 per month. Enjoy premium features such as VoLTE, Wi-Fi calling, hotspot, 5G coverage on Verizon's mmWave 5G network. Xfinity Mobile is great for families too. Share your cellular data with up to 5 lines with their By-the-Gig plans, or allow each line to enjoy unlimited data with the $45 unlimited plan.

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Xfinity Mobile


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Xfinity Mobile




Plan Add-Ons

Extra high-speed data, international calling, international data roaming, or other add-ons available for this plan.
No add-ons are available at this time.

Xfinity Mobile

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