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Tello Updates Their Plans With Cheaper Prices & More Data

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Tello wireless old plan card graphic on left and new plan card graphic on right

The Best Plans on the Sprint Network are now from Tello

Tello has always offered great plans, but their new prices solidify them as now offering some of the best plans on the Sprint network. 

About Tello

What is great about Tello is they offer full feature service. This means they support MMS, the personal hotspot, WiFi calling (via their mobile application), unlimited 2G data if you go over your limit, and even include stateside international calling with their plans. You can make calls from the U.S. to Canada, Mexico, and China all for free. If you are looking to make calls to other destinations, Tello offers affordable Pay as You Go calling rates. You can learn more about Tello’s plans, features, and add-ons on our dedicated Tello page

Here are Tello’s new plans (compared with their old ones)

So, what’s changed about Tello’s great plans to now make them some of the best? Well, they cut prices by 20-30% on almost all their plans, and they now offer anywhere from 1.3x to 2x the data amount.

Here’s what’s new:

  • $5 100 minute, unlimited texts → no change
  • New $6 for 500MB plan
  • $10 for 1GB → now $7 for 1GB
  • $15 for 2GB → now $11 for 2GB
  • $20 for 3GB → now $16 for 4GB
  • $22 for 3GB → now $22 for 6GB
  • $25 for 4GB → now $26 for 8GB
  • $36 for 12GB → no change

You can see all of Tello’s new plans and prices below. If you are interested in signing up, be sure to use our code P3ZFBRX5 for $10 of account credit.

Tello plan cards comparing old plan $10 for 1gb plan with new $7 for 1gb plan

Tello plan cards comparing old $15 for 2gb plan with new $11 for 2gb plan

Tello plan card comparing old $20 for 3GB plan with new $16 for 4GB plan and $22 for 6GB plan

Tello plan cards comparing old $25 for 4GB plan and new $26 for 8GB plan

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