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icons of Stetson and Dennis with text that reads, "ranking plan features"
How Important are Cell Phone Plan Features to You?

A community rank of how important certain plan features are, such as hotspot, VoLTE, Wi-Fi calling, international data, and more.

Stetson Doggett
May 20, 2021
three iPads standing vertically on a desk with an AT&T logo, Verizon logo, and T-Mobile displayed on their screens
T-Mobile vs Verizon vs AT&T Tablet and Hotspot Plan Comparison

In this article, I compare T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T's tablet plans so that you can pick the best plan to meet your needs. 

Stetson Doggett
May 14, 2021
visible updates their forty dollar unlimited data plan
Visible Unlimited Plan: 3 New Features Make It Even Better

Visible updates their $40 unlimited data plan to include international calling, a new referral program, and an even better Party Pay group discount.

Stetson Doggett
February 12, 2021
Mint Mobile $30 unlimited data plan explained
Mint Mobile's New $30 Unlimited Plan Explained: What To Know

Mint Mobile launched a new unlimited data plan for just $30 bucks a month. It’s a great option for a lot of people. But… it’s not actually unlimited.

Stetson Doggett
September 16, 2020
Yahoo Mobile review
Yahoo Mobile Review: Don't Sign Up for this $40 Unlimited Plan

Yahoo Mobile's $40 unlimited plan seems like a great value, but here's why you shouldn't sign up.

Stetson Doggett
September 15, 2020
Verizon Prepaid Explained video
Verizon's New Prepaid Plans & Loyalty Discounts Explained

See what's changed with Verizon’s new $30, $35, $45, and $60 prepaid plans, and how the new loyalty discount can save you an additional $10 per month.

Stetson Doggett
July 14, 2020
how to create a mint mobile family plan
How to Create Your Mint Family: A Step-by-Step Guide (Pictures)

Here’s our simple, 7-step walkthrough on how to create your Mint Mobile family plan (with pictures)

Stetson Doggett
June 24, 2020
Mint Mobile family plan section of application
Mint Mobile Launches Family Plans: Manage 5 Lines on One Account

Mint Mobile now allows customers to create their own Mint Family and manage up to 5 lines on a single account. The primary account holder manages the plans.

Stetson Doggett
June 24, 2020
Graphic of Cricket's $15 2GB plan that has been discontinued
Cricket's $15 2GB Plan Ends July 14, Here Are Cheap Alternatives

After July 14th, Cricket customers will be switched to the $30/2GB plan. Instead, check out these cheap plans from Red Pocket, Boom Mobile, & Mint Mobile

Stetson Doggett
May 29, 2020
graphic of Xfinity Mobile's $15 1GB plan, $30 3GB plan, $60 10GB plan, and $45 unlimited plan
Xfinity Mobile Launches 5G Plans on Verizon's mmWave 5G Network

Xfinity Mobile announced new 5G options with their plans. Customers get access to Verizon's mmWave 5G network for speeds up to 2Gbps available in 34 cities.

Stetson Doggett
May 29, 2020
cellular data speed test comparing LTE vs 3G vs 2G data speeds
How Fast Are Capped 2G Speeds? LTE vs 3G vs 2G Data Speed Test

We tested 2G speeds for watching videos, streaming music, & loading websites to figure out how fast 2G speeds actually are. Watch our video for the full comparison.

Stetson Doggett
May 28, 2020
graphic of T-Mobile plan icon with red arrow pointing to plan features on gray gradient background
T-Mobile’s Unlimited Data Plans Explained! What You Need To Know

T-Mobile Essentials vs Magenta vs Magenta Plus vs Prepaid - here's what you need to know and which plan to actually sign up for.

Stetson Doggett
February 24, 2020
red arrow pointing to text message on phone containing Mint Mobile account number
How To Get Your Mint Mobile Account Number & PIN

A step-by-step guide on how to get your Mint Mobile account number sent to you as a text message. Avoid calling customer support and spending 30 minutes on hold. Follow this guide!

Stetson Doggett
February 19, 2020
iPhone next to US passport on gray Away Luggage carry on suite case
Reach Mobile Adds International Data Roaming To Their Plans

Call, text, and use cellular data in 135+ supported countries with Reach Mobile's new international data add-ons.

Stetson Doggett
February 17, 2020
Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra 5G Smartphones
New Samsung Galaxy S20 Makes Galaxy S10 An Even Better Buy

Samsung's expensive new smartphones, the Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra 5G, going up to $1,599 in price, makes the Galaxy S10 from $399 an even better value.

Stetson Doggett
February 11, 2020
Mint Mobile free service promotion during Super Bowl 54
Get FREE Mint Mobile Service From Their Super Bowl 2020 Promo

Instead of spending $5.6M on a 30-second ad spot during Super Bowl LIV, Mint Mobile is giving away 3 months of FREE service to the first 300,000 people who sign up. Here's how you can get this deal.

Stetson Doggett
February 1, 2020
image of text that says changelog with loading graphic
Cell Phone Plan Updates & Changelog - Follow The Wireless Industry

Tracking all Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile plan changes and updates. See all the old and new cell phone plans in the industry, how they compare, and when they were updated.

Stetson Doggett
December 1, 2019
photo of Pixel 4 with Visible app open showing new Party Pay interface
Visible's Party Pay Discount: Explained

They did it. Visible introduces PartyPay, allowing you to save up to $15 per month on Visible service, and bringing the cost of their unlimited plan down to just $25 per month. This is everything you need to know about Visible’s new group discount.

Stetson Doggett
November 8, 2019
image of iPhone XS on Mint Mobile website with young male sitting to the right of it
How Mint Mobile's Plans Are So Cheap

A mini-review of Mint Mobile and a breakdown of the five ways they are able to offer such affordable plans. Learn about my experience using Mint Mobile as my personal carrier for the past few months and if their plans are as good as they seem.

Stetson Doggett
September 5, 2019
Tello wireless old plan card graphic on left and new plan card graphic on right
Tello Update July 2019: Cheaper Prices & More Data

Tello updates their cell phone plans to offer more cellular data at cheaper prices. Save 20%-30% on their new plans, and get 2x LTE data. Tello's new prices solidifies them as one of the best carriers on the Sprint network. You can also get $10 of account credit with our code P3ZFBRX5.

Stetson Doggett
July 27, 2019
iphone xs and pixel 3a connected via a Lightning cable and a USB-C to USB adapter on a wooden desk
How to Switch to Android & Keep Your Most Important Data

Learn how to keep your photos, videos, text messages, call history, and applications when you switch from an iPhone to an Android phone.

Stetson Doggett
May 28, 2019