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iPhones are great because they have excellent network compatibility, last a long time, and continue to get software updates and new features.

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Pixel phones are the phones made by Google. They offer a great Android experience. Pixel phones are known for their excellent cameras and superb image quality. Google designed Pixel to work on any network in the U.S., so you're free to use your Pixel with any plan.

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Samsung is known for pushing the boundaries of smartphone hardware. Their phones have futuristic  edge-to-edge screens, great cameras, wireless charging, and other features unique to Samsung phones.

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OnePlus's motto has always been "Never Settle." They pack their premium-budget smartphones with the latest technology and fast performance. Unfortunately, OnePlus phones are known for having limited network compatibility. They typically work on the AT&T and T-Mobile networks, with only the newer OnePlus phones supporting the Verizon network.


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