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Mint Mobile is offering up to 40% off their plans, get 12GB for just $15/month instead of $25/month

Get Mint Mobile’s 12GB Plan for just $15/month with their latest Black Friday promotion. No coupon code required.
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Mint Mobile is known for offering incredibly affordable cell service, even at their regular prices. So when Black Friday rolls around, you can expect UNBELIEVABLE prices from the champions of affordable cell service.

This time around Mint Mobile is offering up to 40% off their 3-month plans. No coupon code required. Here is Mint Mobile’s Black Friday pricing:

  • 3GB for $15/month (no savings)
  • 8GB for $15/month $20/month (save 25%)
  • 12GB $15/month $25/month (save 40%)

As you can see, Mint Mobile is offering ALL their plans for just $15/month for the first 3 months for new customers. This makes it a no-brainer to try out Mint Mobile’s 12GB plan.

The way Mint Mobile works is they offer their plans in bulk. You either buy a 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month package. Most people start out with a 3 month package, as that is the shortest commitment, and because Mint typically offers introductory deals to new customers. 

And that is exactly what these Black Friday deals are from Mint Mobile; amazing introductory prices for new customers to try them out. 

Mint Mobile’s Black Friday promotions are unavailable for existing customers, but existing customers have essentially already been getting sweet deal because they know how good Mint Mobile is and have been saving HUGE amounts on their cell phone bill.

I signed up for Mint Mobile LAST Black Friday, and my mobile phone bill dropped significantly. I was previously on Cricket’s 5GB plan, which is $40/month, or $35/month with auto-pay. When I switched to Mint Mobile, I signed up for their 8GB for $20/month plan. I effectively increased my cellular data by 60% and reduced my phone bill by 42%, saving over $165 in the first year I’ve had Mint Mobile.

Is Mint Mobile Legitimate?

Great question. I wondered the same thing myself last year when I went to sign up. In fact, I was a little nervous. I was porting my personal phone number over from US Mobile (another great carrier with plans on the Verizon network), and I really wanted Mint Mobile’s service to be great.

Thankfully, it was.

Mint Mobile supports full features service on the T-Mobile network. This means they support:

  • Wi-Fi Calling
  • VoLTE
  • Personal Hotspot
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Group and Picture Messaging (MMS)
  • International Roaming

If you’re using an iPhone, everything works perfectly as soon as you insert your SIM card. No APN settings to configure.

Mint Mobile uses the T-Mobile network for coverage. If you’re a current T-Mobile customer, this means you’ll get the exact same coverage you have now. Mint Mobile connects to the same T-Mobile towers and offers fast data speeds – I’ve gotten over 100Mbps down on my phone. 

The mobile hotspot features has come in clutch for me too. With 8GB of data, I feel I have plenty to share with my computer or tablet when I’m at a coffee shop or staying at a hotel with slow Wi-Fi.

Oh, and Ryan Renolds also just bought a majority stake in Mint Mobile. So that's gotta make them legit.

Mint still sounds too good to be true. How can they be this cheap?

Again, great question. I cover in detail how Mint Mobile can be so cheap in another blog post, so definitely check that out for more details. Here’s the quick summary of how Mint is able to offer such affordable plans:

  1. They offer their plans in bulk
  2. They are an online only carrier
  3. They make strategic financial investments 
  4. No unlimited plans
  5. They have great self-service tools

Okay, Cool. I’m Interested. How Do I Sign Up?

Lucky for you, I took advantage of Mint Mobile’s Black Friday deal last year, when they were offering $20 for the first three months of service. This means I’ve gone through the entire activation process myself and know exactly what the process is like. I was even able to keep my existing number and port it over to Mint Mobile.

Oh yeah, and the best part? I got it all on video. So you can do it too! Watch my videos below for the exact steps on how to sign up and get activated on Mint Mobile:

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