Mint Mobile: 6 MONTHS FREE SERVICE When You Buy a Phone + 6 Month Plan
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Mint Mobile is Giving Away Free AirPods, 1 Year of Free Service, or $50 off an Unlocked iPhone

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Get Free Apple AirPods from Mint Mobile with the purchase of an iPhone XS, XS Max, or iPhone XR

Mint Mobile is giving away free AirPods when you purchase an iPhone XS, XS Max, or iPhone XR from them. But that’s not all. Check out the three latest deals from Mint Mobile below. These deals are available from now until September 9th, 2019.

overview of Mint Mobile's iPhone promotion where you can get 1 year of free service, free Apple AirPods, or $50 off an unlocked iPhone

Deal #1 - One Year of Free Service

Mint’s first deal is only available for new subscribers, and it is 1 year of free service on their 8GB plan. This plan includes 8GB of LTE data per month and is a $240 value. 

Mint Mobile uses the T-Mobile network for coverage, so if you are currently with T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile, or another T-Mobile MVNO, then you may consider switching over to Mint. You’ll get the exact same coverage and network experience you’re used to, and you’ll save a huge amount of money on cell service. The 8GB plan is just $20 per month after your first year of free service. If you’re on Metro’s $40/month plan with 10GB of LTE data, for example, then you can get Mint’s 12GB plan for $25/month and save $180 per year.

Mint also offers full-feature service, so you’ll get the same great features you want and expect. Visual voicemail, WiFi Calling, voice over LTE, the personal hotspot, and MMS are all fully supported on Mint Mobile. 

Deal #2 - Free AirPods & 3 months of Free Service

This deal is available for both existing customers and new customers interested in signing up for Mint Mobile. When you go to purchase an iPhone, you can select to get free Apple AirPods with your purchase. These are the original AirPods, so not the second generation with the wireless charging, but they are still excellent earbuds and work like magic with your iPhone. 

AirPods have become extremely popular and people love to use them. They are great for exercising, keeping your hands free, or discretely listening to music or a podcast. If you are interested in getting a new iPhone and have been wanting a pair of AirPods, this is a great opportunity.  

New customers will also be happy to learn this deal includes free service as well. You get 3 months of the 8GB/month plan for free from Mint Mobile along with your brand new AirPods. 

Deal #3 - $50 off an Unlocked iPhone

This deal isn't the best value, but it is a reasonable option for people looking for a good deal on an unlocked iPhone. Basically, instead of going to Apple and paying $749.00 for a new iPhone XR, you can get a factory unlocked iPhone XR from Mint Mobile for $50 off, just $699.00. 

Having an unlocked iPhone means it will work on any carrier and any network. You can easily switch plans or carriers at any time, and you can travel internationally with it no problem. 

However, you can get an unlocked iPhone with the free AirPods or the free year of service too. According to Mint’s iPhone terms and conditions, if you pay full price for the iPhone up-front then Mint will ship you an unlocked iPhone. So you can get an unlocked iPhone and free Apple AirPods, a $130 value, as opposed to just saving $50 on a phone.

Should You Finance Your iPhone or Pay Full Price?

Mint offers monthly financing through a company called Affirm. Instead of paying $999 up front for an iPhone XS, you can simply pay $42/month through Affirm. Here’s how the pricing breaks down:

  • iPhone XS - $999 or $42/month with Affirm
  • iPhone XS Max - $1099 or $46/month with Affirm
  • iPhone XR - $749 or $32/month with Affirm

Affirm’s lower monthly payments may be enticing to some, however we generally recommend you purchase the phone up front at full cost. The reason we recommend doing this is because you will receive an unlocked iPhone that you can easily take to any plan on any network. We believe having this flexibility is valuable and can save you money if a better plan, deal, or opportunity arises. 

However, if you already know the T-Mobile network works well in your area and you are comfortable committing to Mint Mobile, than financing through Affirm may make sense. Your device will be locked to Mint Mobile, but it will become eligible to be unlocked once you have finished your financing agreement and paid off your phone. You can see Mint Mobile’s iPhone promotion terms and conditions here, or check out their device unlocking policy

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